Testimonials for my workshops, speaking + coaching from parents, teachers, artists + arts education program directors:


My Son Flourished Greatly in the Creative Atmosphere

“My son Bence has been taking art workshops with Beth since he was 8 years old and is now going to college. He flourished greatly in the creative atmosphere she provided! I couldn’t recommend more highly! She is part of the reason he went on to pursue the arts in college.”

Ildiko Veres, Homeschool Mother in Temple, PA

Playful, Thought-Provoking + Enchanting PROJECTS

"I had the honor of working with Beth for several years during our family and teacher workshops at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Beth is a dedicated, original art educator whose engaging projects were thought provoking, meaningful and enchanting. I have continued to mine her playful art lessons and that way her treasured contributions to our department still reach many artists teachers and students."

Alicia Vogl Saenz, Senior Coordinator of Family Programs, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Gets to the true root of creativity 

"Beth introduced me to the idea that when it comes to artistic expression, the end product is incredibly overrated. She enabled me see how truly gratifying creativity could be when you allow yourself to focus solely on process. Through her teachings on the meditative approach to dharma art, Beth inspired me to explore the concept of breathing with artistic expression to get to the true root of creativity. Her extensive experience and passion in art education have been an invaluable inspiration to my work."

Courtney Diener-Stokes, Freelance writer, co-author, Farmhouse Manna, B.B.A., Parsons School of Design

Joyful + Creative SO MADE KITS

“We have joyfully used several of the So-Made Creativity Kits with our two children. They have learned how to sew, how to make a doll from a clothespin, and how to string beads.  So-Made Kits have great materials coupled with easy-to-follow instructions. The kids enjoy each project and often create their own spin-off projects with remaining supplies."

Stephanie Anagnoson, Parent in Southern California

Brave + Free, Open + Generous

"Beth is a gem. Her artwork is exceptionally imaginative, at once brave and free. Luckily for us, she shares her insights into creativity through her work as an educator. She is maximally articulate, open and generous with her sensibility. Don’t miss a chance to work with her."

Archie Rand, Artist & Professor in Brooklyn, NY

A Thoughtful, Lively + Meaningful Public Mural by Young Artists

“The Berks County Media Center on Albright College’s Campus is shared by a college radio station and community driven public access TV station. We asked Beth Krumholz and her group of very young artists to design and create a mural that dealt with “communication” for a large wall in our public space. Their mural far exceeded our expectations. Both thoughtful and charming, it depicts aspects of broadcasting and communications – from a stylized DJ at a sound board to the transmitter tower, the earth to the sky and everything in between. The mural is lively, colorful, and meaningful. A most clever aspect is the “rotating art gallery” that allows us to swap out an assortment of canvases created by the artists. Under Beth’s direction, the young talent really thought about their mandate, and created a beautiful and meaningful art installation that truly represents the work that we do in the building.”

Mindy Cohen, General Manager of WXAC 91.3 FM at Albright College

I learned more than I ever expected

Beth and I worked together in a college environment for several years. Her ability to translate conceptually layered exhibitions into educational programs for extremely diverse audiences was astounding. She was a joy and I learned more than I ever expected.

Michael Howell, Registrar and Director of Internship Program, The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center